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Rune Factory 3 SpecialMap of Sharance

Map of Sharance

The Hollow Your new home! Comes with a bed, field, and mailbox for you to use.
Miyako Inn Relax in the baths to restore HP and RP. You can also purchase rune abilities here.
Blaise's Diner Stocked with all your cooking needs, from recipe bread to cookware.
Diamond General Store Sells seeds for crops and ingredients for cooking.
Fantastic Flowers Flower seeds, flowers, and magic seeds are available for purchase here. You can also sample the daily perfume free of charge!
Blacksmith's Arm yourself with new weapons, farming tools, equipment, and accessories.
The Witch's Cauldron Potions, magical staves, and other curiosities can be procured here. You'll also be transported here when your HP reaches zero.
Evelyn's Fashion Shop (Sherman Manor) Update your wardrobe or add a personal touch to the Hollow's décor by purchasing some furniture.
Carlos' Resort A fishing pond to cast your line. Get to know Carmen and Carlos better, and they'll offer to release a requested type of fish (for an additional fee).
Rainbow Studio Daria's studio on the outskirts of Sharance, where she works, lives, and breathes art.