Rune Factory 3 Special Web Manual

ExplorationBattling Monsters

Battling Monsters

Battle Basics

You’ll encounter all sorts of monsters while exploring and dungeon crawling. Equip your weapon of choice and press the B Button to attack. Some farming tools can even be used as weapons!

Weapon Types

Choose from seven different weapon types, each with their own unique actions. Fighting with a particular weapon will increase your corresponding weapon skill level and available actions.
Short Swords One-handed weapons that strike fast, handle easily, and more readily land combos.
Long Swords Swing slower than a one-handed sword, but deal more damage with more reach.
Spears Stabbing weapons with an exceptionally long reach.
Axes/Hammers Powerful, slow-swinging weapons. Axes score more critical hits, while hammers stun enemies more often.
Dual Blades Blades in each hand will land lightning-fast combos, but leaves you without a shield.
Staves Release magical energy corresponding to the type of staff. Charging the staff allows you to attack from farther away.
Farm Tools Attack power is low, but it's better than nothing!

Transformed Actions

While transformed into a monster, press the B Button to attack. If a monster reels back from your attack, you can press the A Button to pick up your foe and throw them. Doing so can also damage surrounding monsters. You can also perform other commands after grabbing an enemy.
SlamA Button Jump and slam your enemy down to the ground. This may also damage surrounding enemies.
PoundB Button Smash an enemy against the ground. This may also damage surrounding enemies.
SwingX/Y Button Grab your opponent and swing them around. You can also move while swinging and damage surrounding enemies by holding the button.

Crash the Gates

In dungeons, monsters spawn from portals called "gates." Monsters will continue to appear as long as a gate is present, so make destroying them your first priority when entering a new area.

Battle Actions

Pick your battle strategy from a range of actions including dash attacks, charge attacks, and ultimate attacks. More battle actions will become available with each weapon as your skill level with that weapon increases.

Status Ailments

While you can eat food for a temporary stat boost, you can also be inflicted with negative status conditions from things like monster attacks. Recovering from most afflictions requires either the right kind of medicine or a trip to the apothecary.
Buff Temporary stat increase from eating food.
Poison Saps a percentage of your max HP over time. However, you will not faint by running out of HP due to poison.
Paralysis Hinders your movement speed.
Seal Prevents you from using magic or rune abilities (except for Escape or the Transform Belt).
Fatigue Makes every action cost more RP. Can be healed by going to sleep.
Cold Saps a percentage of your max RP over time.

Find a Safe Spot

You can restore HP and status ailments by taking out any food or medicine in your bag, then consuming it with the B Button. But be cautious—monsters can still attack you while you're trying to recover. Slip away from the fray before tending to your wounds.