Rune Factory 3 Special Web Manual

Game BasicsPlaying the Game

Playing the Game

Everyday Life

Having forgotten memories of your past life, you now reside in the Hollow in Sharance. As you work the fields of your farm, complete requests for the residents, and explore dungeons, you'll uncover traces of the life you once knew.


Go on a spending spree at one of the many shops around Sharance. You may find some items and equipment that will make your life easier both on and off the farm. Just make sure to check the shop's business hours first!

Time, Seasons, & Weather

Time marches on in Sharance, and opening and closing hours vary from store to store. The town also has four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) with different crops and events available throughout the year. Weather can vary between six different patterns, from sunny to rainy.

Exploring the World

The town of Sharance is abundant in nature for you to explore. Search around for monsters and resources, or till your own fields to grow crops. You may come across a boss monster's dungeon, or even that perfect spot for your next date!

Completing Your Map

As you explore dungeons, you'll fill in your map to keep track of where you've been. Leave no stone unturned until your map is complete!

Building Relationships

Talking with and giving presents to residents will help raise your friendship levels with them. If you raise it high enough with a special someone, you can pop the question and get married. Take the time to get to know the people of Sharance and find your lifelong partner.

Know Your Neighbors

Sharance is home to a vibrant community of townsfolk. Residents you become close with may offer up various types of requests, or even explore dungeons with you! Make sure to stop by for a chat before heading out on a journey.


Each resident has their own schedule, and you'll likely find them heading to work or chatting with other folks in town. An icon will be displayed on your map if a resident is in the same area as you.