Rune Factory 3 Special Web Manual

Game BasicsScreen Icons

Screen Icons

Field Screen

Your Form Displays whether you are currently in human or monster form.
Status Icon Indicates a temporary stat buff from eating food.
HP Meter Displays your current HP (Hit Points). If it runs out, you'll faint and automatically wake up at the Witch's Cauldron, paying a fee for treatment.
RP Meter Displays your current RP (Rune Points). Actions such as working with tools, creating items, and using magic or rune abilities all consume RP. If your RP runs out, you'll start consuming HP instead.
Waterpot Shows how much water is left in your waterpot whenever it's equipped.
Funds Displays the amount of gold you have.
Year and Season Displays the current year and season.
Date and Day Displays the date and day of the week.
Time Displays the time. The date advances at midnight.
Weather Displays the current weather.
= Sunny = Cloudy    = Rainy

= Snowy = Typhoon = Blizzard
Mini-Map Displays your current location and the surrounding areas. Use the ZL Button to change the size of the mini-map.
Check/Investigate Info Displays the name of objects, monsters, or people you can interact with using the A Button. Actions like "Check" or "Talk" will also be displayed here.
Rune Abilities/Magic Displays the rune abilities and magic you have equipped.
Weapon/Tool/Seeds and Fertilizer Displays the weapon, tool, or seeds/fertilizer you have equipped.

"Escape" Back Home

Use the rune ability "Escape" to quickly get out of a dungeon and return back to your home. Just equip the ability to the X or Y Button.

Camp Menu Screen

Press the + Button to open the Camp Menu and check things like your stats, items, skill levels, and friendship levels with residents.
Bag & Status Equip and check descriptions of your items, weapons, and rune abilities. You can also view your stats here.
Skills Displays your skill levels for different weapons, elements, and actions.
Party Displays the current status of any party members or monster companions.
Friendship Level Displays the level of friendship you've achieved with the townsfolk and any tamed monsters.
Settings Toggle settings like switching the functions of the L and R buttons and music volume.

Using Your Pocket

Press the L Button on the field screen to open a shortcut menu known as your Pocket. You can customize the order of your items on the Bag page of the Camp Menu to have quicker access to your most-used weapons, farm tools, and more.