Rune Factory 3 Special Web Manual

Life in SharanceRequests


Checking the Message Board

The residents of Sharance will sometimes post requests. You can accept any available requests once per day each from the town message board, your mailbox, and with the owl at the monster settlement. However, you can take on only one request at a time. Once you've accepted a request, check in with the person who posted it for more information. The higher your friendship level is with a resident, the more requests you'll see!

Types of Requests

Requests can be one of three types: regular requests for those tied to characters' individual stories or romance events, "simple requests" for smaller tasks from the residents, and "disciplinary requests" for driving out monsters.

While on a Request

You may notice that after you've accepted a request, certain storylines and townsfolk will be unavailable while the request is in progress. If this happens, try canceling the request to resume your story.

Fulfilling Requests

Completing requests may unlock new storylines and rewards, so be proactive in accepting them! Simple and disciplinary requests are posted daily and can be completed multiple times.

Using Warp Points

After reaching the monster settlement and completing the Sol Terrano Desert dungeon, a warp point will appear near the Hollow. Use it to come and go as you please!