Rune Factory 3 Special Web Manual

Life in SharanceDecorating & Synthesizing

Decorating & Synthesizing

Your Home

In your home at the Hollow, you can save your progress with your journal, arrange furniture, change your outfit, and check your calendar for upcoming events. Sleeping in your bed will restore your HP/RP and automatically advance the time to 6:00 AM the next morning.

Placing Furniture

Most furniture can be bought from Evelyn's Fashion Shop. Arrange the furniture you've bought in your home and make the space your own!

Synthesizing Items

Synthesize items together to create dishes, brew potions, or forge equipment. Different types of items require separate facilities in your home to make them, such as a forge or crafting table. As you progress through the story, more facilities will become available through the blacksmith or apothecary.

Tempering Your Skill Levels

Each time you synthesize an item, you'll gain experience towards raising your skill level with that type of synthesis. As your skill levels increase, you'll have higher success rates and will be able to learn new recipes.

Recipe Bread

Buy recipe bread at Blaise's Diner to learn new recipes, for anything from weapons and tools to medicine and accessories. Each category has its own kind of bread, so make sure you eat the right one.

Your Trophy Room

Your trophy room is located down the ladder on the right side of your home. Here you'll find a display commemorating all your accomplishments. Keep trying new things to collect more trophies!

Challenge Special Dungeons

Through the door on the left side of your trophy room, you can test your strength with special dungeons. The more dungeons you clear, the more dungeons you can challenge. Take note of the recommended level before heading in!

Difficulty Levels

You can change the game's difficulty setting at any time using the book on the right side of your trophy room. Adjust your settings to "Normal," "Hard," or "Hell" as you see fit.