Rune Factory 3 Special Web Manual

Game BasicsControls


Field Controls

Left Stick/Directional Buttons Run
A Button Talk/Check/Pick up (hold down to gather more than one of the same item); Hold selected item from Pocket
B Button Perform Action/Charge Attack (hold down); Equip selected item from Pocket
X Button/Y Button Use rune abilities; Equip selected rune ability from Pocket
L Button Open Pocket/Invite residents
R Button Dash/Invite residents
R Button+L Stick+Directional Buttons Walk
ZL Button Expand/Shrink Map
+ Button Open Camp Menu
- Button Skip dialogue

Holding Down A or B

You can press and hold the A Button to automatically pick up more than one of the same item. Holding down the B Button while carrying a weapon will allow you to build up a charge attack (if you've learned it). You can also move while charging up to get the most tactical position.

Menu Controls

Left Stick/Directional Buttons Move cursor
A Button Confirm/Select item
B Button Move cursor to tabs/Cancel/Close
X Button Scroll up
Y Button Scroll down
R Button Equip/Unequip items or rune abilities
ZL Button/ZR Button Change tabs
+ Button Close Camp Menu
- Button Sort items