Rune Factory 3 Special Web Manual

Life in SharanceFarming


Working the Fields

Use the fields beneath the Hollow and in dungeons to grow your own crops. These fields may be covered in weeds, stones, and branches, so be sure to clear them by hand or with tools before you start farming.

Tending to Crops

Plow the fields with your hoe and plant seeds in the newly tilled soil. Water your crops every day, and the seeds will grow into produce that you can harvest. If your waterpot is empty, you can fill it up at any water source.

Farm Tools

Familiarize yourself with these farming tools and how to use them.
Hoe Tills the fields and uproots bamboo shoots.
Sickle Use it to remove weeds, or on mature crops to collect higher-level seeds.
Hammer Smashes rocks and mines them for ore. When used on a plowed square of land, it returns the soil back to its unplowed state.
Axe Cuts branches and tree stumps into lumber.
Waterpot Waters tilled soil and anything growing in it.
Fishing Pole Used for catching fish wherever you see shadows beneath the surface.
Brush Helps you befriend monsters.
Clippers Let you shear woolies for their fur.
Magnifying Glass Provides detailed information about the soil quality of each individual plot in the fields.


Cast your line into a body of water like a river or the ocean, or wherever you can see the shadows of fish lurking underneath the surface. Watch (and listen) closely for the right moment, then press the B Button to reel in your catch once it's on the line.

Shipping Crops

All grass, stones, and crops you collect from your fields can be shipped and sold through the shipping bin underneath the Hollow. Shipments will be collected every day at 5:00 PM, so make sure to get all your items in by then.

One Farmer's Trash...

Besides crops, the shipping bin can also be used to sell weapons, farming tools, food, and pretty much anything else you can get your hands on. If you find something you don't need, toss it in the shipping bin for extra cash! Just know that once an item goes in the shipping bin, it can't be taken back out.