Rune Factory 3 Special Web Manual

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Fighting Together

Befriending Monsters

To get a monster to warm up to you, try feeding it food it might like, or equipping your brush to help groom it. A monster you befriend will walk alongside you on your adventures, and some may even let you ride them!

Monster Barns

Monsters you befriend will live in a monster barn, which you can build on your farm after completing the Privera Forest dungeon. Monster barns give you a space to manage your herd, check in on your monsters, and assign them tasks.

Monster Farmhands

Once you've grown closer with your monster companions, you can ask them to help out around the farm by watering plants, harvesting crops, or mowing down grass. You can also pay to have monsters sow seeds.

Caring for Monsters

Keep your monsters happy with daily gifts and brushings. Adding fodder to your fodder bin will boost friendship levels and give your monsters the energy they need to work. Always keep plenty of fodder on hand for each room of the barn so nobody goes hungry!

Magic Seeds

Magic seeds are mysterious plants that grow and take effect as soon as they're planted. They can be purchased from Fantastic Flowers. Once they run out of HP or are put back in your bag, they revert to a seed and won't be usable until the following day.

Special Effects

Magic seeds have a variety of different uses, from attacking enemy monsters to serving as a shield. Use them accordingly to get the upper hand in battle!

Outside of Combat

Some magic seeds can help you move across water, while others can serve as a water source for your waterpot! Try using them on the farm as well as in dungeons.

Form a Party

If your friendship level with a resident is high enough, you'll be able to invite them along on your adventures! (With a few exceptions.) Look for the "Invite" prompt when talking to someone to add them to your party, letting you fight alongside them. If a party member runs out of HP, moving to another area will revive them with a small amount of health.

Party Composition

You can only take a certain number of party members on your adventures, in one of the following combinations:
- Magic Seed + Resident
- Magic Seed + Monster
Keep in mind that you can't bring along a monster and resident on the same expedition.