Rune Factory 3 Special Web Manual

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Making Friends

Befriending the Townsfolk

As you increase your friendship levels with residents, you may be able to invite them on adventures or take on new requests from them. Just talking to someone once a day will help improve your relationship, but a present now and then won't hurt either! The Friendship Level page in the Camp Menu will show how well you're getting along.

Invite Them on Adventures

Inviting residents to your adventuring party will also increase their friendship level with you. Strengthen your bond by fighting through dungeons together. If you'd rather take a break, you can take any of the marriage candidates to one of Sharance's scenic date spots for a special outing once you've gotten close enough.


Giving residents their favorite things is a great way to quickly increase your friendship level with them. Everyone has their own unique tastes, so listen closely to your conversations to get a hint for what they might like!

A Touch of Perfume

If you visit Fantastic Flowers while Shara is working, be sure to ask her for a complimentary sample of the daily fragrance. You can never be sure which scent you'll get, but talking to someone while wearing their favorite fragrance will give you an extra boost in your friendship level!


Sharance hosts a wide variety of festivals throughout the year, so be sure to check your calendar! Mayor Wells will go over rules and proceedings for each festival, as well as confer prizes and trophies for those participating. Festivals are also great opportunities to boost friendship levels with the residents.