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RelationshipsRomance & Marriage

Romance & Marriage

Find Your Special Someone

If you become close enough with one of the marriage candidates (and fulfill a few other requirements), you can pop the question and get married.

Falling in Love

Before you can propose, take the time to get to know the marriage candidates and raise your friendship level with them. Chatting, giving gifts, and fulfilling requests are a sure way to win their heart!

Pop the Question

You can propose after you've completed all of that marriage candidate's regular requests, acquired a double bed for your home, and crafted an engagement ring. Once you've finished making all the necessary preparations, take them on a date and hand over the ring to make your feelings known.

Marriage and Children

Once married, your spouse will come to live with you at your home. Talk to them every day to strengthen the bond you share. Over time, you'll raise a child (or three) and grow your family together.