Rune Factory 3 Special Web Manual

Life in SharanceTransforming


Transforming into a Monster

As the story progresses, you'll be able to use a rune ability called the "Transform Belt," which allows you to transform into a monster called a wooly. Doing so will not only change your appearance, but also how the townsfolk react to you. While you can't equip weapons or tools in this form, your attacks can still pack a punch!

Keep it Secret

With tensions high between humans and monsters, you can't let the townsfolk know about your transformation abilities. Whether it's from human to monster or vice versa, you'll only be able to transform when no one is around to see.

Explore the Monster Settlement

It is said that there is a settlement far removed from human contact where only monsters reside. If you find such a place, make sure to assume your monster form before trying to interact with its inhabitants.